Home Cinema Seating

Over the years, home cinemas have become very popular. People are willing to furnish a space only for gaming, watching movies, or sporting events. In general, cinema seats are not included in the design of the space. The average cinema designer sometimes overlooks the fact that the experience is much better if you sit relaxed. That is why we use the very best in comfort and design when specifying a home cinema.

The home cinema seating models that we offer are handmade. The cinema furniture is modular in design. That means that you can go either way. Whether it should be a massage chair with an adjustable head and footrest. Or you want a chair that works by manual. Everything is possible.

This differs per space. We have made a difference between home cinema seating and seating for a commercial cinema.

Home Cinemas in Hertfordshire
Home Cinema Seating
Hertfordshire cinema seating

If you love music and film, then visit our showroom and let us show you just how incredible it can be. If you are looking for a home cinema designer contact us today to discuss your project. Our home cinema installation is the finest available, or pay us a visit and take advantage of our full cinema demonstration facilities across 2 different cinema rooms, and visit our purpose built audio listening facilities.